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A mobile mechanic that you can trust

specialises in all makes and models

Work undertaken:
-Carbon cleaning -Diagnostics -Service -Repair
-ECU tuning & more

Why lose your vehicle for days at a garage,

when you can have repair at home or on site?

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Service & repair

Vehicle servicing is essential to ensure your vehicle is in the best condition possible and is safe to be on the road.

However, with a hectic and busy lifestyle, it's not always convenient

to fit 'vehicle servicing' into your schedule.  That's why our mobile vehicle servicing 

is your best option.

Contact us today to get a quote



Trush Auto Mobile Services offer repairs at an affordable price.  Whether your cambelt needs replacing, your exhaust has rusted or somebody has hit the back of your car- we can fix it!

All the materials, items and parts used in the repair of your vehicle will be from trusted manufacturers and come with a guarantee.

  We'll only repair the items that need repairing, and will notify you of any smaller problems your vehicle may have, that could esculate into bigger problems in the future. Any of the issues your car has will be explained to you in a way that is easy to understand. This way, you can make the best choice and an informed decision for you and your vehicle.


Carbon Cleaning

Our carbon clean service uses the latest hydrogen technology to help remove the carbon build-up from your engine without using harmful chemicals or dismantling parts.



- It's safe and quick
-Helps you avoid costly repair bills
- Restores performance and engine
- Lower emissions
- Revives fuel efficiency
Symptoms of carbon build-up: 

- Drivability issues, engine not running smoothly

- Engine vibration or shaking

- Car jerking or surging at stops

- Check engine light (may be on) 

- Cold start misfires

Carbon cleaning

Carbon cleaning

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Why carbon build-up happens and how our carbon clean equipment works:
When fuel burns, it releases waste byproducts like smoke and carbon which are supposed to be removed through the exhaust. However, on the way out, these byproducts deposit themselves on the intake manifold and in the combustion chamber, and after burning so much fuel, carbon builds up which restricts the airflow to the engine and causes obvious problems. 
Our carbon clean equipment turns tap water into hydrogen molecules which removes this excess carbon from the engine, and out through the exhaust as (non-harmful) gas. With the carbon removed after just thirty minutes, it will leave your vehicle with evident, long-lasting results.
It is suitable for petrol and diesel engines across all makes and models.
We highly recommended changing the oil and filter after carbon cleaning.
Before carbon cleaning we will do a diagnostic check for FREE and if there are any other  ongoing issues, we won't carry out the carbon cleaning service without your authorization.


If your vehicle is not working as it's supposed to, we can use mobile vehicle diagnostic equipment to identify the problem.


We can perform checks on the ABS systems, engine management systems, airbag systems, transmission systems and much more.

So, whether your car is not running due to a component failure or is simply displaying a warning light, our state of the art diagnostics equipment will enable us to help you.

With our mobile vehicle diagnostics equipment, we can come over to you when it suits you most- saving you time and money!


ECU tuning & more

ECU Remapping

All maps are custom written based on the ECU and is available for a variety of diesel and petrol vehicles.

The multiple options available for the type of remap (dependent on vehicle) is as follows:

For diesel:

- Economy (Stage 1)

- Sports (Stage 1+)

- Performance (Stage 2)

For petrol there is only one option of performance



Trush Auto Mobile Services is run by a highly qualified and experienced mechanic (Jiten) who has been working with cars and vehicles since he was 16. As a dedicated and passionate mechanic, it has always been his dream to have his own auto mechanic service where he could do what he loved day in day out, whilst also providing people with a reliable service with 100% satisfaction and honest pricing. 

Now Trush Auto Mobile Services is open for business! 




Contact Us

41 Fairfax Road,



Tel: 07791361569

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